Tom Quayle has just released yet another jam packed lesson full of fusion goodness using the Diminished Scale, the great thing about this scale is that it translates to Rock and Metal too so you don’t need to be a Jazz player in order to start integrating some of this lessons ideas into your playing.

As per usual Tom’s lesson package comes with a full HD lesson video, actually in this case two full HD videos. There are also PDFs of all the material covered in the videos, a folder of mp3′s for each of the licks covered in the 2nd video (I’ll come to that in a minute) and a set of 8 backing tracks, the main G7 backing track has full speed and slow versions and the other tracks instead include a sample solo so you can hear how the scales can be used.

Both videos are accompanied by PDFs to read along to or reference while watching the video, the first includes an explanation of the Diminished scale, how it is constructed and some fretboard diagrams as well as tabs of scale patterns, triads and arpeggio patterns. Tom also covers Diminished chord voicings and how to incorporate the diminished chord into a simple progression and a cool little trick for playing the diminished scale over the diminished chord without having to use the whole/half scale. Tom also goes into detail on how and when you can use the scale over a dominant 7th chord with rules that will help you, this includes a little flow chart in the PDF which breaks down the explanation into a really easy way to ascertain whether or not you can use the diminished half/whole scale over a particular dominant 7th chord. Tom also includes a list of extended chords that you can use with this scale. There is a lot of theory in this lesson and PDF for all of you who really want to get a firm grasp of how and when you can use Diminished scales. Having this information available in both video and pdf formats is really useful, first watch the video listen and watch Tom explain everything with guitar in hand and then refer to the PDF to read to help the information sink in more and of course use it while watching the video to see the scale & arpeggio patterns as well as chord voicings being used.

If you just want to get stuck into some cool Diminished licks there is another HD Video and PDF too which is a set of 10 really cool diminished licks that you can play over the main G7 Backing track I just talked about, Tom plays these licks first at full speed he then breaks each lick down and shows you very slowly how the lick is constructed and how to play it using the correct picking and fingering. Each lick has an mp3 track so you can quickly reference or loop the track to play along too without the video which is a nice addition. With each of these licks Tom plays them exactly as they are in the PDF Tab the first time through and then the second time adds some improvisation after it to give you an example of where you can take the lick, I think is also a really cool addition because it means you don’t just hear the lick, learn it, play it note for note and then think ok now what do I do? This is one of the hardest things when you are learning advanced concepts on guitar, you have to hear how what you are learning can be translated into licks and ideas beyond what you are reading on the page and Tom always demonstrates this thoroughly in all of his lessons.

This lesson is available from Tom’s website for $25.00 along with a whole load of other great lessons covering myriad of topics.