Paul Gilbert Shares The Secret On How To Get A Rock Sound From Hollowbody Guitar [News]

During a recent guitar clinic, master Paul Gilbert shared a secret on how to get a good rock sound out of a jazzy hollow-body guitar.

Explaining how he loves hollow-body axes, Paul said he went to the Ibanez custom shop to ask for tips on how to properly rock ’em.

He said: “They got this trick from George Benson – you put clear packing tape over the f-holes. That’s my trick!

“It’s still a little crazier than a solid-body, but it starts to get into the realm of controllability. … You can get some wailing sustain out of it!”

To demonstrate how the six-string sounds like, Gilbert said: “I’m gonna play a Led Zeppelin song, which they stole from one of those blues guys.”

Check out Mr. Paul rockin’ out below.

Source: Ultimate Guitar

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