Steel Panther Possibly Making A Prog Rock Record, Drummer Stix Hopes [News]

Steel Panther might be taking an unexpected turn with new material, as drummer Stix Zadinia unveiled a great desire to release a prog rock effort.

But don’t hold your breath, as the rest of the guys are very much against it. “I keep shooting for it. I keep lobbying for the prog record, but I keep getting shot down by Michael [ Starr ] and Satchel , they’re like, ‘Dude, we’re a heavy metal band,'” the drummer told Team Rock Radio .

“I’m like, ‘Man, but there’s so many cool bands out there like Rush for example.’ Then I’m like, ‘We should do a song in 7/8,’ and they’re like, ‘What’s 7/8?'” Stix continued. “7/8 is like fractions and stuff,” Michael replied. “Math is for people who studied in school, for me, I just wanna rock what I feel. And what I feel is straight rock dude.”

During the rest of the chat, the guys discussed prog rock, Van Halen and more, ultimately debating the greatest ’80s guitarist. Check out the full interview below.

But back to prog rock Steel Panther – is this something you’d like to hear from the guys? Or would you prefer the Panther crew sticking to good old glam metal?

Source: Ultimate Guitar

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